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Moray Offshore Renewables Consults On New Offshore Wind Development


Edinburgh 3 June 2016. Moray Offshore Renewables Ltd (MORL) has announced intention to open consultation on the development of offshore wind on the remainder of its zone in the Outer Moray Firth.

In 2010, The Crown Estate awarded MORL development rights for up to 1500MW in Zone 1 (Moray Firth).  MORL split the site into an Eastern and Western Development Area, and developed proposals for the Eastern Development area first, receiving consent from the Scottish Government for 1,116MW in 2014.   This represents the average electricity needs of over 700 000 households.

MORL today announced that it will open consultation on proposals to develop the Western Development area in June.

Dan Finch, EDPR’s Director of Offshore said:

“We worked hard to deliver a high-quality project in the Eastern Development Area, with no impediments to its construction. All that we need to proceed is a contract which will enable us to sell power in the reformed electricity market, and we look forward to the UK Government announcing the next ‘Contract for Difference’ (CfD) auction, which will allow us to compete for the contract which we need to deliver the project.  

“Today we are announcing proposals to develop the Western area of our site to maximise renewable energy generation in the zone which was allocated to us by the Crown Estate.  This can create a pipeline of offshore wind projects in the Moray Firth, and associated opportunities for the local economy.

“MORL received considerable support from local communities as we developed the Eastern Area of our site.  We will be returning to those communities with events this summer which will be announced   in the local press.  This will help to establish the level of support for the development of the Western area of the site. 

“I look forward to continuing to working with all of the individuals and organisations who have an interest in the Moray Firth; their participation is vital to the successful and sustainable delivery of new infrastructure.”

Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy Paul Wheelhouse said:

“The Scottish Government is committed to the successful and sustainable development of an offshore wind sector and today’s announcement by EDPR to consult on the viability of the Western Development Area in the Moray Firth is the next step in that process. 

“It is essential that communities and organisations with an interest in this proposal have an opportunity to comment and welcome EDPR’s programme of engagement over the course of the summer to gauge opinion.

“We have always stated that to realise and harness Scotland’s offshore renewable wealth we must do so in a sustainable way, that ensures communities can also benefit from the new economic opportunities presented by this sector.”

Notes To Editors:

  1. Moray Offshore Renewables Ltd (MORL) was established in 2010 to develop offshore wind generation in the outer Moray Firth. MORL is owned by EDPR.


  1. MORL’s work to date in the Moray Firth has been in the Eastern Development Area (EDA) within the Zone, as this part of the zone had fewest constraints to development. MORL is now examining the feasibility of development of the Western Development Area (WDA).


  1. MORL will publish a Scoping Document for the Environmental Impact Assessment for the WDA, which will provide details of the initial proposals for consultation for up to 90 turbines, which would be capable of supplying the equivalent annual average electricity needs for 470 000 homes (assuming 8MW turbine) .


  1. The 2013 Energy Act introduced arrangements for ‘Contracts for Difference’ (CfDs). These contracts are the mechanism by which all new renewable generation is supported through a competitive auction which sets the price at which the electricity generated is sold.   The auctions are set by the UK Government and the parameters of the auction determine a number of factors including the year for delivery for the infrastructure and the capacity of infrastructure to be supported in any given year.  The results of the last auction were announced in February 2015.  The UK Government has indicated that potentially three further auctions will be held within the lifetime of this UK Parliament.
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