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Moray East Select Port of Cromarty Firth as Intermediate Port



Moray East Select Port of Cromarty Firth as Intermediate Port


19 November 2018, Edinburgh.

Moray Offshore Windfarm (East) Ltd, known as ‘Moray East’, (a 950MW offshore wind farm in the Outer Moray Firth, 22km from the Caithness coast) announced that it had signed a contract with the Port of Cromarty Firth to use that facility for windfarm construction as an intermediate port.

The 18 month contract – worth ca. £10 million pounds will provide for storage of wind turbine components, including towers, blades and nacelles, it will provide pre-assembly facilities and site office facilities.

Commenting, Oscar Diaz, Project Director, Moray East said:

“The selection of an intermediate port from which the project will be constructed is a major milestone in terms of project delivery, and we are delighted to have chosen a port which is not only in Scotland, but also in the Moray Firth, local to the windfarm.

“This will be hub of the project during construction. As a Trust Port, the Port of Cromarty Firth have been able to deliver much more than competitive prices; they are well established with strong local relationships. We look forward to working together to provide an excellent opportunity for the local economy to take advantage of the markets created by the project.  

Bob Buskie, Chief Executive of Port of Cromarty Firth added: “This is a major success for Scotland and the Highlands in particular. We have demonstrated once again that we can successfully compete with international competition and attract these major infrastructure projects to our area.

The project will support Scottish government in meeting their ambitious renewable energy targets and our partners at Moray East are keen to develop and train the local workforce; building skills and knowledge that can be exported in the future. The Port’s team worked for over two years to secure this contract for the benefit of the local area. It will attract jobs and investment for the coming years; offering countless opportunities to local people and businesses.”




  • Moray East Project Statistics


  • Capacity: 950MW
  • Location: UK, 40km from North East coast
  • Turbines: V164 – 9.5MW
  • Power for average requirements of ca. 950, 000 UK homes
  • Moray East will generate at £57.50/MWhr, compared with ca. £140/MWhr for similar projects being constructed today.
  • Moray East Project Timeline:


2010 – project development commenced when development rights were won in the UK’s 3rd round of offshore wind licencing. The Moray Firth Zone (Zone 1) was split into two, to enable Moray East to be developed ahead of Moray West, as there were constraints in the west of the zone. (Constraints in the west eased, and development of Moray West commenced in 2016).

2014 – planning consent was awarded by the Scottish Government (offshore works) and Aberdeenshire Council (onshore works)

2017 – A 950MW Contract for Difference (CfD) was won in the UK Government’s 2nd competitive CfD auction. The CfD provides a contract for electricity for 15 years at £57.50/MWhr

  • Moray East Joint Venture


Moray Offshore Windfarm East is a joint venture company owned by EDP Renewables (43.3pc) and ENGIE (23.3pc) and Diamond Generating Europe Limited (DGE) (33.4pc).   In 2017, the project was awarded a tariff of £57.50/MWhr under a Contract for Difference (CfD) by the UK Government.

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