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Moray West Offshore Windfarm reaffirms commitment to the project

Moray West Offshore Windfarm reaffirms commitment to the project

Moray West Offshore Wind Farm has today, 20th September, confirmed that the project remains viable, despite having not been awarded a Contract for Difference (CfD) as part of the UK Government’s latest CfD auction.
The offshore wind farm, which is led by a joint venture company combining EDPR and ENGIE, had placed competitive bids on a range of scenarios.
Moray West was one of what were understood to be eight offshore wind bidders in the auction, alongside other eligible technology projects. Against a cap of 6GW six awards have been offered to offshore wind project applicants.
Moray West gained consent licenses in Summer 2019. The project team recognises an opportunity for Moray West to be awarded a CfD in the next auction round in 2021 and would be on course for start of construction in 2024.

Dan Finch, Moray West Director commented:
“Despite this setback, it is a significant achievement to get the project to such an advanced stage in a short period of time. Moray West will continue to develop the project in anticipation of the next auction round and thank our suppliers for helping us deliver a highly competitive bid, and with whom we will continue to work to drive the cost reduction agenda. I would also like to thank both internal and external stakeholders involved in getting Moray West Offshore Windfarm to this stage. Without their support we would not have been able to prepare the project for a strong bid. We continue to look forward to taking Moray West into its construction phase and delivering significant economic opportunities for Scotland and the UK.”
“We’re confident that Moray West is able to become a key piece of Scotland’s energy transition story. There is an opportunity for Scotland’s energy targets to be met in future by Scottish offshore windfarms and for Moray West to be a key step on that journey. The project also shows how two leaders in the industry, EDPR and ENGIE, can work together to develop low-cost renewable electricity.”
“We also remain confident in the CfD process and recognise the mechanism’s importance in keeping prices down”


1. Moray West – Project Status & History
Moray Offshore Windfarm (West) Limited, known as Moray West is an offshore wind project over 22km from the coast of Scotland.
The development of Moray West follows on from the delivery the adjacent Moray East Offshore Windfarm, which was granted consent in 2014, won a CfD in 2017 with a record breaking low figure of £57.5/MWh, and is currently in construction phase for 100 x 9.5MW wind turbines.

2. Project History:
2010 – Development of Zone 1 the Moray Firth commenced when development rights were won in the UK’s 3rd round of offshore wind licensing. The zone was split into two, to enable Moray East to be developed ahead of Moray West, as there were constraints in the west of the zone. Constraints in the west eased, and development of Moray West commenced in 2016.
2019 – Planning consents secured from Scottish Government, Moray Council and Aberdeenshire Council leading to CfD eligibility.

3. Moray West –Joint Venture:
The Moray West project company is a joint venture owned by EDP Renewables (67pc) and ENGIE (33pc). In May 2019 an Memorandum of Understanding was signed between EDP and ENGIE to form a new 50:50 joint venture (JV) covering all offshore wind projects for the two companies It is planned that the new JV will be fully operational by the end of 2019.

4. Project Statistics
Size: Up to 85 turbines
Location: Scotland, approximately 22km from the Caithness coastline
Turbine rotor diameter: up to 250m

5. For further information please contact:
Roger McMichael, Stakeholder Manager M: 07717 367 150 E:

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