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We place a high value on engagement, and are committed to dialogue with the communities, organisations, enterprises and individuals who have an interest in the Moray Firth.

Consultation is at the heart of the development process, and we invite comments on the consultation papers which are published at various points in the process.

This page provides links to current consultation papers associated with Moray East.

Application for Safety Zones for the Moray East Offshore Wind Farm


Moray Offshore Windfarm (East) Limited has applied for consent for safety zones from Marine Scotland as set out in the Energy Act 2004 and the Electricity Regulations 2007 (SI No 2007/1948). The following safety zones are being applied for:


  • A programme of 500m ‘rolling’ safety zones around the location of each wind turbine and/or its substructures and foundations during certain construction activities (as identified by a risk assessment);
  • Pre-commissioning 50m safety zones surrounding each wind turbine and/or its substructures and foundations whilst work is not ongoing; and
  • During the operational phase, a 500m safety zone around all ‘major maintenance’ being undertaken on any wind turbine and/or its substructures (as identified by risk assessment). Major maintenance is defined as any activity involving large vessels (such as jack-up barges or heavy lift vessels). No safety zones are planned during normal operations of the wind farm.


The precise start date and co-ordinates of the safety zones will be detailed in the Notice to Mariners prior to their implementation.

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