Moray East

Contracting Approach

The construction of offshore windfarms is a major undertaking requiring the co-ordination of a number of different disciplines.


Our contracting strategy divides the project down into a small number of large contracts from ‘Tier 1’ suppliers.  Such contracts are termed ‘Engineer, Procure, contract and Install’ (EPCI) as they bring together all of the activities associated with the development of a particular aspect of the project.  This has the advantage of reducing the number of interfaces, and minimises risk and thus reduces cost.

By definition, such ‘Tier 1’ suppliers are large organisations operational at an international scale.

EPCI contracts:

  • Wind turbine generators
  • Substructures
  • Array Cables
  • Offshore Export Cable
  • Onshore Works and Offshore Substation


This approach has required our engagement with industry on a global scale in order to identify suppliers, define procurement options and requirements and improve market competition.

As the project progresses towards financial close and beyond, the implementation of those contracts will create significant sub-contracting opportunities both at national and local level.

Information will be communicated to local markets and be released to the media when contracts are awarded.  We will continue our programme of engagement in order to enable local companies to access economic opportunities created.



Moray East Swirl