Moray East

The Project

Moray East is a highly competitive offshore wind project which was granted consent (1,116MW) in 2014 by the Scottish Government.


In 2017 it won a 950MW contract for difference at competitive auction which set the price of power generated at £57.50 per MWhr, and will be delivered early in the next decade.

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  1. Onshore  Works
  2. Offshore Works – Mariners Information


Moray East was the first part of the Moray Firth Zone to be developed, and the first of the Round 3 projects to apply for (2012) and receive (2014) consent.

Part of this process included an Environmental impact Assessment, which involved extensive consultation with the individual, organisations and communities with an interest in  what happens in the outer Moray Firth.  The Environmental Statement including all studies carried out is available in the document library.

Moray East Key Facts:

  • Consent for construction of up to 1,116MW granted in 2016
  • CfD for 950MW awarded in 2017
  • Connection to National Grid at a new substation to be constructed at New Deer in Aberdeenshire via underground cable (planning permission granted by Aberdeenshire Council in 2014)
  • Total underground export cable corridor route 86km (52km offshore and 34km onshore)
  • Total windfarm Area – 295km2
  • Maximum turbine blade-tip height – 204m (669 feet)
  • Minimum distance from shore – 22km (13.5 miles)


Moray East – Reducing the Cost Of Electricity

The 950MW Moray East offshore windfarm will generate power at £57.50/MWhr  – or 5.75p/kWhr – which is less than half the price of power generated by offshore windfarms under construction today.

In 2017 Moray East was a successful participant in the UK’s second ‘Contract for Difference’  (CfD) auction.  The CfD sets the price which will be paid for power generated for a period of 15 years.   Eligible projects were invited to bid, with contracts awarded to projects onm the basis of those which could offer the lowest price  for power.

Moray East represents a step-change in the delivery of renewable power in terms of cost and scale.  The project will provide an abundant supply of low-carbon electricity at a highly competitive price.  Because Moray East uses  the UK’s own indigenous renewable natural resource of wind, the power generated does not depend on the import fossil fuels such as coal or gas, of thus improving the UK’s security of supply as well as driving down costs for consumers.

Construction on the project started in winter 2018, with commencement of the onshore  works. Updates will be provided here as work progresses

Click on the links below for details of the latest works on the:

  1. Onshore Transmission Infrastructure
  2. Offshore Transmission Infrastructure – Mariners Information





average UK households’ electricity needs could be met by Moray East


million tonnes of carbon dioxide could be saved each year in comparison with coal fired generation


million tonnes of carbon dioxide could be saved each year in comparison with gas fired generation

Moray East Swirl