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Two separate companies, Moray Offshore Windfarm (East) Limited and Moray Offshore Windfarm (West) Limited (known as Moray East and Moray West) were established in 2016 to replace Moray Offshore Renewables Limited and thus enable maximum flexibility for independent development and investment of each project.  Moray Offshore Renewable Power Limited is a holding company for Moray East and Moray West.

In 2010 comprehensive investigations of Moray East’s physical, biological and human environment began, accompanied by extensive engagement with the individuals, organisations and communities with an interest in the area and the project.  Proposals for an offshore windfarm were developed using the latest turbine technology, and an Environmental Statement was published in 2012.

In 2014 the Scottish Government granted consent for the construction of 1 116MW in Moray East, which has been developed to form a highly competitive project. .  Following an updated constraints review by EDPR for the Moray West area of the zone it was concluded that with changes to the use of the area the site can be developed competitively to deliver further generation of low cost green energy at scale.  Moray West published a Scoping Report for the Moray West Offshore Wind Farm and has engaged with stakeholders since then to further develop proposals for its site.

The constraints in the west were as a result of other activities in the area (military and oil extraction) and those constraints have eased over time, allowing proposals for the development of Moray West to begin in 2016.


EDP Renovaveis (EDPR)
Moray Offshore Renewable Power Ltd is owned by EDP Renovaveis (EDPR).  EDPR  owns 100% of EDPR UK Limited. It is a leading global renewable energy company, headquartered in Madrid, operating in markets around the globe and is continuously expanding its business to new regions making the commitment to lead in each market as well as create value for its stakeholders and shareholders. EDPR manages a global portfolio of over 10GW spread over 11 countries, of which 5.1 GW are in Europe (2.4 GW in Spain, 1.3 GW in Portugal and 1.5 GW in the rest of Europe). Beyond Europe, EDPR manages a portfolio of 5.0 GW in North America, and the balance in Brazil. At December 2016, EDPR had 248 MW of onshore wind developments in construction. EDPR entered the offshore wind market in 2009, when it located its global headquarters for offshore wind development in Edinburgh.

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