Moray West

Supply Chain Development

Moray West is at a very much earlier stage in development than Moray East, and arrangements for contracting and procurement are less advanced.

It is anticipated that the work which has been done for Moray East including through raising market awareness, and promoting competitiveness and innovation, and ultimately reducing costs will be of considerable benefit to the supply chain for Moray West.

As a result, it is anticipated that a larger number of enterprises will be in a greater state of readiness to participate in the Moray West supply chain.

Taken together as consecutive developments, Moray East and Moray West will offer a ‘pipeline’ of projects for prospective suppliers at different levels within the supply chain; the prospective availability of different projects over time brings additional opportunities to compete for those projects.  Successive separate market opportunities over time will facilitate innovation and competition, especially for enterprises which considering diversification into the offshore wind industry, and requiring corresponding investment in either infrastructure or skills.

Moray West Swirl